All About Dutch Peonies

Dutch Peonies - Full of Grace & Happiness


Dutch Peony Season Has Started! 

Dutch Peony season has happily started. The season usually runs from early May to early July depending on the weather. 

Dutch Peonies

They symbolize luxury, love, extravagance, happiness, and health. Compared to locally grown Peonies, their bloom diameter is larger and the stems are quite sturdy. 

Dutch Peonies also have variation in the petal style. There are single, double and filled flowers. 

During the Peony Season 2021, Fleurissant has been focusing on carrying the most popular Dutch Peonies “Rein Hortense”, “Bowl of Cream” and “Coral Charm”.


1. Reine Hortense 

Reine Hortense is soft pink (blush) peony with dark leaves and strong stems and a  beautiful fragrance. Its huge, pale rose-pink blooms have fluffy petals with crimson-flecked centres and silver, notched tips. The bouquet of Reine Hortense is very popular for romantic occasions such as weddings, engagements and anniversaries. 



This peony is a very old French cultivar that was bred in 1857 by Calot. Fun fact: this variety is named after Hortense de Beauharnais, the wife of Louis Napoleons.


2. Bowl of Cream 

Bowl of Cream Dutch Peonies are a full-petalled white colour. Due to the huge flowers that look like big cups filled with whipped cream, the name is chosen very aptly. We are sure you'll love the fluffy petals and huge blooms as much as we do! To showcase interesting texture in a bouquet, we often pair them with white classic roses, ranunculus, freesias and eucalyptus. 

Bouquets with Bowl of Cream are one of the all time favorites at Fleurissant!




Carl G. Klehm registered Bowl of Cream in 1963 and was awarded the APS Gold Medal in 1981. It is the most respected award given out by the prestigious American Peony Society.


3. Coral Charm 

Coral Charm Dutch Peonies are large, semi-double cup-shaped flowers in shades that range from salmon pink to orange. 

They have a slight fragrance as they mature. The silky petals and romantic shade always bring us joy and happiness. 

Interestingly, the color of petals transforms from coral, orange cream  to finally white. 

When we make a bouquet with these coral charm Peonies, we often put them together with one of our popular Dutch Clooney Ranunculus “Omega” to show extra brightness.



Samuel Wissing registered this variety in 1964. Wissing is famous for his colour changing varieties. In 1986, Coral Charm was awarded the APS Gold Medal.



Fleurissant offers 2 different colours of Dutch Peonies every week up until the season ends. As always, we have limited quantities available. If you would like to place an order, please give us a call at 613-241-5225 as soon as possible. You are more than welcome to order and purchase from a single stem. 

We hope our Dutch Peonies bring you and your loved ones full of Joy, Grace and Happiness. 

Thank you very much,

Tamiko Yamane 


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