Dutch Hyacinth Bulbs - China Pink - Have Arrived!

Another exciting arrival, China Pink  Dutch Hyacinth Bulbs

Forcing spring-flowering bulbs indoors is an excellent way to brighten the days during our extra long cold winter.  Considered to be the favourite flower of the ancient Greeks, China Pink Dutch Hyacinths are soft, feminine and as pretty as a picture. 


Beautiful with a Delightful Fragrance

China Pink Dutch Hyacinths stimulate more than just your sense of sight but also your sense of smell as you breathe the heavenly delightful fragrance that hyacinths are famed for. 

Hyacinth Care

When it comes to hyacinth care, as long as they’re provided the right growing conditions, they are fairly unfussy plants. They rarely suffer from diseases and pests, although, like all houseplants, hyacinths may be susceptible to fungus, gnats in their soil, and mealybugs.

Growing Condition


Light : Bright

Water : Keep the potting media lightly wet, but not soaked. If you are growing your hyacinth in water, as in a decorative vase, only let the roots dangle into the water

Temperature : Keep hyacinth plants cool during the growing season to prolong the bloom. Recommend temperature range from 10℃ to 18 ℃.

Soil : Use a loose, well-draining potting mix. Hyacinths can also be grown in pebbles or suspended over a small vase of water.

Bloom : Nov to March : from 7 to 10 weeks from planting to bloom

Colour : China Pink ( Vintage Silk Pink)

Please Note:
The quantities of hyacinth bulbs are limited this year. If you are interested in, please contact us as soon as possible.





We often carry fresh-cut China Pink Dutch Hyacinths at our boutique from November to May as my favorite of mine. I hope this lovely, silky vintage pink “China Pink” Dutch Hyacinth will make your home extra sweet.



Tamiko Yamane 


* Dutch Hyacinth Bulbs have been sold out since December 5, 2020. Thank you very much!