Dutch Tulips a Symbol of Spring

Introducing Dutch Tulips...


Tulips are the most popular spring flowers. 

Grown for their attractive, vibrant coloured flowers, there are currently over 3000 registered varieties. These are divided into 15 groups, mostly based by flower type, size and boiling period of the tulip. 

Originating in the foothills of Central Europe, tulips were brought to Western Europe in the 16th Century. They soon became synonymous with Dutch culture and one of the world’s most popular flowers. 

At Fleurissant, every week from late November to early May, we carry a variety of tulips from Holland such as Double Tulips, Frilly Edge Tulips and Parrot Tulips. 

Today, I would like to talk a little bit about 3 varieties of Dutch Tulips which are the most popular at our boutique. 

1.Dutch Double Tulips




Dutch Double tulips have long-lasting blooms and they slowly unravel their layers of delicate petals into what can only be described as a profusion of colour. A normal tulip has 6 petals while a double tulip has at least twice that amount. 

Some have so many petals that they are referred to as peony- flowered tulips due to their resemblance to those flowers. Their extra petals completely change the look of one of the world’s most iconic flowers and allow the creation of some intriguing and often eye-popping blends.  

Dutch Double Tulips “Columbus”

These large cupped peony-shaped blooms are breathtaking with pointed raspberry petals edged in cream. With a profusion of extra petals, they are the perfect choice for flower arranging with other spring flowers such as hyacinth, daffodils and freesias.

2. Dutch Frilly-edge Tulips 


More and more people are becoming interested in fringed tulips- and now these tulips have their own group. It must be remembered, however, because the tulips in this group are mutants from various other groups, that heights and flowering periods will vary somewhat among them. The one characteristic they have in common is that their finely incised petals. 

Dutch Frilly-edge Tulips "Queensland"


Exceptionally pretty and long-lasting tulips, Queensland is a fabulous double flowering frilly-edged tulip variety. It's full of reddish-pink ruffled flowers with finely incised white edges atop broad lance-shaped leaves.

I think they look beautiful on their own without adding other flowers or even greenery. You may enjoy looking at their details with delicate yet beautiful layers.

We often carry these Frilly-Edge Tulips throughout the season because they are a favourite of mine. 

3. Dutch Parrot Tulips  


Parrot tulips have a ruffled appearance and produce with unique patterns. Their petals are not straight and tend to be curled, twisted, serrated or “fringed”, and are often streaked, striped or different colours.  With its feathery petals and dazzling colours, the parrot tulips speak a language all of their own: boldly proclaiming their individuality from standard tulips. 

In fact, parrot tulips are often mistaken for peonies because of their large cup-shaped blooms and ruffled edges.  Over time, as the large flowers are exposed to the sun, they open so wide that they almost flatten out. 

These whimsically-shaped, unusually-coloured tulips have been developed from mutations of certain late-flowering tulips, and from tulips in the Triumph group. 


Dutch Parrot Tulips "Super Parrot"



The Super Parrot Tulip is a stunning white parrot tulip variety with green accents through the petals and extremely big, ruffled flowers. They are one of the long-lasting tulips and popular varieties at our boutique. Due to the uniqueness of the shape and classy colour patterns, they are perfect for special occasions and as an everyday flower in your home. 

All these tulips are available in our store on a limited basis and vary from week-to-week. As always, we have limited quantities so we would like to encourage you to order as soon as possible!



Tamiko Yamane