It May be Winter but Things are Blooming at Fleurissant!

It May be Winter but Things are Blooming at Fleurissant!

Introducing the Ranunculus 





When the holiday season is over, we all start dreaming of spring. It is especially during the dark and cold days of our long winters that we look forward to seeing the first burst of spring color with all its beautiful fragrances. While we still have a number of months to go, you can enjoy a glimpse of spring with the Dutch Ranunculus.


Dutch Ranunculus  

The ever evolving ranunculus started out as a simple yellow buttercup, but has now transformed to hundreds of varieties by master hybridizes throughout the world.

The difficult task is deciding which one you like the best.





Native to Asia and celebrated for its medicinal properties as well as its bright beauty, the small camellia-like ranunculus ranges from cream and soft yellow to apricot, pink, orange, and burgundy.  


Too Perfect to be Real?

Ranunculus flowers look almost too perfect to be real. Their rose-like blossoms have tissue-thin petals. It is a herbaceous perennial plant growing to 45 cm tall, with simple or branched stems. The basal leaves are three-lobed, with leaves higher on the stems more deeply divided; like the stems, they are downy or  hairy flowers. They measure 3–5 cm diameter, and are variably red to pink, yellow, or white, with one to several flowers on each stem.






Ranunculus have gently bending stems that give a soft look to bouquets and have no fragrance. Their average life expectancy as cut-flowers  is between 5 to 10 days depending on the room temperature and humidity. Vases of these beauties are perfect for everyday table settings and any occasions.

Though not often seen in home gardens, the exquisite flowers of ranunculus are a staple in high-end flower shops and bridal bouquets.


The Dutch Ranunculus at Fleurissant





We often carry fresh-cut Dutch Ranunculus at our boutique from late November to beginning of May as they are a favourite of mine. 

I hope this lovely Dutch Ranunculus will make your home extra sweet.



Tamiko Yamane